So rode to Stanwick lakes today, its about 3 miles from our house and is 99% off road. Saw loads of people riding from kids on balance bikes to OAPs on hybrids. I would estimate 75% of people had no helmets on. 90% of kids did have helmets on, but not many of their parents.  Generally, it seems the older the person the less likely they are to have a helmet on, the more expensive the bike, the more likely the rider is to have a helmet. 

Is it education? vanity? Laziness? or a sense of indestructibility? What are your thoughts?  click on the post title to leave a comment.


Hello. Here you will find info and articles that I/we find interesting as we find them on the net. I am returning to mountain biking after a 20yr break to have kids and its hard. I’m fatter, wiser ( read scared) but can at least afford it this time round…almost…

I bloody love eBay so I’ll share listings for things which I use or are good, cool, or cheap.

Left the hobby with a trek VRX with Bomber Z1s on and joined it with an On-One fatty and a Giant Reign. Both steeds are amazing but the giant lands better.  I’ll post as things happen and hope people will be interested enough to join in.